USA – White House is laying out a new plan for battling antibiotic resistance which is used to fight the diseases caused by superbugs. Estimations by The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that 2 million people are infected with resistant bacteria each year while 23,000 die.

In reference to this revelation and looking at the rising rates of resistant bacteria, Doctors and health experts have given a stern warning over the tens of thousands of deaths which is likely to nullify the use of modern medical advancements.


The advancement of the bacteria resistance has been termed as one of the most “sweeping and comprehensive” growth as per the medical terms. These statements were made by Amanda Jezek who is the vice-president of the public policy and government relations.

However Amanda has stated that Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) has been pressing the congress for years to take up the necessary laws that should be adopted besides requesting for more funding to be allocated to antibiotic resistance.

Attaining a dramatic cut in the frequency of superbug infections for a period of at least five years is one of the main goals. This however can be achieved through the investment of improved antibiotic drugs. It can also be backed up by the creation of new diagnostic tools.

That said, the medical community is thereby calling for better scrutiny and efficient practices in hospitals and the promotion of international collaboration between the World Health Organization and foreign ministries of health.

Never the less, the industry of livestock antibiotics which is said to have caused a widespread of superbugs needs the most reform. Antibiotics are being used to make animals grow faster with less feed and still remain healthy. This is being viewed as one of the abuses of antibiotics that has largely contributed and complicated the drug-resistant bacteria.

However, in as much as President Obama’s initiative of tackling the problem sounds impressive and commendable, the root cause needs to be attended to promptly which means curbing the over and misuse of antibiotics.

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