Fabiola Gianotti has been appointed as the head of CERN, the research center that has the Big Bang machine housed. CERN is a sprawling institute, which links some 10,000 scientists on site and around the globe. Gianotti was a key person in the discovery of Higgs Boson as she leaded the mission and has immensely contributed to physics. Higgs Boson discovery won Peter Higgs a Nobel.

She is 52-years old and has a doctorate from the University of Milan in 1987. Her predecessor is Rolf Heuer who was the face of the Large Hadron Collider. “CERN is a centre of scientific excellence and a source of pride and inspiration for physicists from all over the world, a cradle for technology and innovation, and a shining concrete example of scientific cooperation and peace,” Gianotti said. She is a pianist by passion, and called music her world. She also, at some point in time wanted to make music her purpose of life, by devoting herself to it completely.

Gianotti is of the Italian origin, a physicist who has dedicated her life to CERN and has been at the Geneva headquarters ever since she joined it. This is the very first time in its history that CERN has received a female head. Centre’s ruling council decided her appointment. Members of its 20 member states announced that it would be formalized in December and she shall take over the post.

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