Within an 11-year period lasting from 1990 to 2011, scooters have been found to be the main cause of kids’ hospitalization and medical injuries – according to a latest report released by Clinical Pediatrics. Children toys have been found to have caused about 40% of kids’ injuries within this 11-year period, with scooters and other ride-on toys topping the list of culpable toys. According to the report, about 3,278,073 children were admitted to hospital emergency rooms, which means that about 149,000 child injuries are reported per year as a result of toy-related injuries.

Scooters are children two-wheeled vehicle operated by foot, and just like other ride-on facilities, poses a great injury-risk untrained children and other young adults. According to the given report, scooters account for about 42.5% of injured kids’ admission to hospitals and 34.9% of total kids’ injuries between 1990 and 2011.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission actually publishes consumer product-related injuries every year, but this report by Clinical Pediatrics is the first of such to cover a national audience and present a representative coverage that takes all factors on a national space into account.

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, a child-safety advocacy group, all parents must work to ensure the safety of their wards by buying only age-appropriate toys as well as protective gears for their wards and children. These protective gears can be helmets, knee pads, and appropriate clothing that come with bikes and scooters among others.

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