China plans to bulldoze mountains in order to create more buildable land, a move that researches say will cause many environmental problems.

According to researchers from Chang’an University in China, dozens of mountains have already been flattened. This has major environmental issues, including water pollution, air pollution, flooding, and soil erosion. As if that is not bad enough, they claim that this activity will begin to happen on an unprecedented scale.

“Because there have been no land creation projects like this before in the world, there are no guidelines,” warned Professor Peiyue Li, a professor from Chang’an University’s School of Environmental Science and Engineering.

As China grows more and more, they are running out of building space. One of the only reasons they have been keeping a growing economy is through their building, and in order to continue constructing buildings, they must first clear mountains. Mountains cannot hold buildings, so China must flatten them in order to use the land.

Researchers have warned that by clearing away mountains, the entire surrounding environment could be in danger. Dust could go into the atmosphere, creating landslides, blocking waterways, and killing off the surrounding plants and animals.

It could also endanger humans, as one-fifth of China’s  population lives in mountainous areas, says BBC News. These people could be injured from the environmental outcome, or could be displaced from their homes. Already, dozens of hilltops have been leveled in cities like Chongqing, Shiyan, Yichang, Lanzhou and Yan’an.

On top of that, some researchers claim that the flattened land may be unsuitable to build on.

“The most concerning issue is the safety of constructing cities on the newly created land,” said Li. “Yan’an, for example, is the largest project ever attempted on land that is composed of thick windblown silt. Such soft soils can subside when wet, causing structural collapse and land subsidence. Building on such soils is quite dangerous and it would take a very long time for the ground base to become stable.”

Before further clearing and environment damage occurs, scientists urge the Chinese government to speak with experts on the matter. The appeared in a recent edition of the science journal Nature.

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  1. UseTheWholeBuffalo

    I might see the point of flattening mountains if humans were doing something more productive than shopping at Wal-mart or collecting Bugattis.

  2. Dave Roberts

    I would imagine that these projects will change the local weather and climate. Hopefully they’ve taken that into account … ? … Dave

  3. TheTruthAsIKnowIt

    I don’t believe this article in the slightest.There’s plenty of land in China that is suitable to build on plus “building” is not how they have grown their fictitious economy. It’s all about keeping the Yen low.

  4. usernamekitj

    I trust Russia is watching this incredible lunacy by China.Who would want such an irresponsible partner/ally?

  5. cetude

    Welcome to the fruits of overpopulation. Humans are a spreading malignant cancer and kills everything it touches.

  6. disqus_GS46e5I0h0

    this is going to be great. flatten the land. then, build structures on the unprotected plain of unstable foundation. pure genius. isn’t there a desert covering five hundred thousand square miles that’s already more or less flat? all it needs is a way for the rain to get through the himalayas. they should flatten a couple of those mountains. not only does it get them more useable land, it gives them a way to invade india with pickup trucks. that’s a twofer.

  7. Zhuubaajie

    If it’s never been done before, then China should not do it??!! Some bananas are allowing Western DFL (doggie fart logic) to addle their puny brains.

    No risks, no gains. Humans explore and go where no one’s been before. China’s infrastructure engineering already enjoys a 30% cost advantage over their Western counterparts. By exploring new technologies and management methods (such as the leveling of mountains and building cities), China can further that competitive advantage. Unlike hifulutin’ “high tech”, infrastructure engineering (ala leveling mountains and building new cities) can generate millions of new, good jobs each and every year (say US$1,500 per month engineering jobs in Chinese terms). And it is knowhow that can be exported around the world. Mountainous nations can now speed up their development and better the lives of their citizens with Chinese knowhow.

      • JeffHB

        If they flatten the mountains, the Earth will start spinning faster. [Ask any iceskater about the physics of spinning].At first, babies, small cars and other lightweight things will start floating into space. But as climate change continues to heat the planet, it will turn our planet into a giant washing machine on a permananent spin dry cycle. The oceans will dry up and we will all die of thirst. Birth control is cheaper.

    • Hiukeen

      Wow Zhuubaajie, your ignorance deserves a low level award. Incredible, just freaking incredible.


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