West Africa is reeling under an Ebola epidemic; other nations are also getting into action and are taking precautionary measures to keep the deadly scourge out of its borders. China is leading the efforts in finding cheap but effective tests for Ebola. Chinese authorities are trying three home-grown Ebola test reagents after getting approval from the Chinese health authorities.

Xinhua quoting China Food and Drug Administration or the CFDA, said the drugs will be held in reserve for contingency situations.

The reagents are made by –

  • Da An Gene Co Ltd
  • Shenzhen Pu Rui Kang
  • Shanghai ZJ Bio-Tech Co Ltd.

The statement did not make it clear how quickly the reagent can diagnose the Ebola virus but a report by CNS said that the product from Shenzhen Pu Rui Kang was highly sensitive and accurate.

The whole world is trying to find effective and easy tests to detect the virus. China has already approved its in house Ebola tests which fully conform to international standards. China is a country of over 1.3 billion people and must be on its toes all the time to fight ailments like the Ebola Virus. Ebola has already claimed 16,000 lives across the globe and the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) have approved the three drugs for testing the virus.

The statement from CFDA reads, “These (products) provide key technological safeguards for China to diagnose the Ebola virus and defend against any epidemic situation.”

Till date no case of Ebola has been reported in China. However, there are millions of Chinese citizens who work in Africa.  About 10,000 Chinese workers are present in the worst affected countries- Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. This has evoked concerns across the nation which has already faced the brunt of earlier outbreaks of diseases like SARS and Bird Flu. Chinese pharmaceutical company,   Sihuan Pharmaceutical Holdings Group Ltd is independently developing a treatment for Ebola with the nation’s military, and hopes to get quick approval for the drug.

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