China – Besides trimming the public sector and improving the country’s technology, China is also looking into doubling the number of general doctors by 2020. All these plans will be for the sole purpose of providing the best health care system as well as fixing those that have been crippled by poor line up. China has been listed to be among the top magnets for health development hence the need to fulfill these plans. The administrative authority and McKinsey & Co stated.

This has caught the attention of drug makers, medical device firms and hospital operators as all these and other investors are looking into the slightest opportunity into which they can play a role in the new healthcare bill which is estimated to have a set budget of $1 trillion.

China results to increase its Doctors to meet the current health challenges

“The quality of the healthcare is very low while the resources are insufficient with badly organized structures and service systems”. There were sentiments made by China’s State Council whereby various parts of the public systems have also been implicated.

Reports have it that one of the main reasons that china is suffering from scarcity of doctors is related to salaries which are said to be pretty low. This has created bottlenecks in popular urban hospitals where tension is being experienced between medical practitioners and patients who more often than not end up being frustrated.

While provision of affordable healthcare is one of the key agenda’s for President Xi Jinping’s government,the same has been interfered with by the current corruption in the sector. Patients have to dig deeper into their pockets which leaves them at a point of having to use their savings as a result of the low levels of insurance coverage.

That said, China is now looking into pushing for development of grassroots healthcare; a segment that is growing at a very high rate to the advantage of large public hospitals in the urban centers. It will also look into using technology to meet various health concerns.

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