Chris Freville has just launched Passive Profits Portals with huge internet excitement.

With Google on the rampage of wiping out large numbers of websites, aka the ‘farmer’ update, it has left a vacuum in website development world. Chris has developed a technique to that is based on auto generated Google friendly content that allows you to fill this vacuum and rank quickly.

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This program is designed to be simple and straight forward, leading either the experienced marketer or the person just getting into online marketing in the right direction.

If you are looking for a simple straight forward course that will help you generate websites quickly and with little to no effort than you really need to watch this video and see this course in action. You will simply be amazed as to the speed and power this course offers.

This course simply has the power to jump start your online career, and you atleast should spend a few minutes watching it in action as you will be amazed as to the ease and power it has to offer.

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