A team of researchers in their latest papers have stated that the world being in the Global Warming phase is likely to experience the most lightening strikes than ever before. There will be a massive increase in the number of strikes than what it has been in the past, says the study which has been published in the journal Science. It has been an alarming prediction put forth by the team of researchers and scientists to the world.

The author of the study David Romps, who’s been a climate researcher for long at the University of California in Berkeley said , “Even with the warming of a few degrees Celsius, you can get some very large climate impacts — in this case, a 50 percent increase in lightning.” He has also stated that the amount of water or precipitation in the atmosphere overall and also the instability in the atmospheric levels result in the rise of number of lightening. He continues, “To make lightning in a thunderstorm, you need water in all three phases – gas, liquid, solid – and you need fast rising clouds that can keep all of that water suspended in the atmosphere to generate charged separation.” He also stated raising concerns towards lightning in forest areas.

The researchers stated how these parameters have increased the lightening, and thus could harm the electronic devices which have been made using cheaper materials. They have said that precipitation and instability have accounted for 77% of the variability of lightning that strikes all over United States. Lightning however occurs when there are very heavy thunderstorms, and also rains. It’s responsible for half of the wildfires in the U.S., because lightning can strike far from a fire station Previous study reports have also stated that every year, around 23-48 people in the US die due to lightning flashes hitting.

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  1. RobC2010

    Another fantasy article by those who know that this nonsense was discredited years ago.


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