New Delhi – Government entities have been warned by Climate change experts over the need for more action that will lead to prevention and stoppage of global warming. Sources have indicated that any more delay would come with so much expense and more efforts would be required at a later date to bring back the global warming to its proper status. This comes at the height of a crucial climate change meeting that will take place in Paris

The current goal of 2 degrees Celsius, is too low, and may not stop the damage that is being experienced currently. This is according to an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change lead author who clarified that the 2 degrees Celsius target is likely to increase the risk of sea level rise. This will in return shift the rainfall patterns and bring in extreme weather the likes of floods, droughts and heat waves.

Climate Change experts warn over the 2 degrees Celsius global warming

A scientist from Penn State University Petra Tschakert said that the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) should aim for aim for a lower value of 1.5 °C. He his emphasis was that the difference may not be too much and humans may not experience a direct impact but it would be good enough to befit a good habitat. This is despite the fact that some species may struggle so much to adapt to such like conditions.

On the contrary,the 1.5 °C figure has been viewed by many people including state officials and scientists alike to be unrealistic. The Scientists feel that is it too late now bearing in mind that the world has already warmed to 0.85°C.

However, even as much as the idea is seen to be idealistic, the scientists are in fear of political opposition which is viewed as one of the hindrances that prevent better climate change measures from being enforced.

The opposition is usually in combination with the lobbying from the larger governments which tend to appease big businesses and from which they entirely gain financially.

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