CogniToys by Elemental Path is manufacturing a smart toy that cannot only help your child learn new things but can also be an excellent companion. During the New York Toy Fest, CogniToys unveiled a cute little dinosaur that is primarily based on the advanced IBM Watson cognitive computing system.

This dinosaur, coming in several colors, comes with a little multi-functional button on the belly to offer several advanced features. When activated, this little dino asks the child for several things such as the name, favourite color and more. It can help the kid learn about colors, counting, spelling a word and much more. It can even give you the mathematic problems.

As this dino interacts with the children, it learns more about them and automatically adjusts itself based on the child’s intellectual level. However, the toy also collects and processes the information on the cloud. Storing data in the cloud can be a matter of concern for the parents, however, CogniToys confirmed that the data collected is entirely anonymous and cannot be used to identify someone.

Along with these smart features for children, this new dino also provides the parents with an advanced cloud-based console for them to know their child progress with the toy. It will allow them to know about what their child is learning about and more. No other person can have access to this information.

The project is currently on Kickstarter to raise about $50,000 and to give away this little speaking dino for $89 to the early birds. The project isn’t doing bad either as it already raised more than $25,000 on the Kickstarter.

This little dino has been built on the top of IBM Watson, which is apparently the industry’s best cognitive software, and the Elemental Path’s very own speech recognition tool called as Friendgine.

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