A sports bar in the Miami area was the scene of an accident that injured dozens, when a patio deck collapsed on Thursday night during Game 4 of the NBA Finals. Two of the people injured were listed as critical in nearby hospitals, said authorities.

The Fire Chief of the Miami-Dade Fire Department David Downey said the outdoor deck that collapsed caused 24 people to be taken to hospitals in the area.

Many of those injured sustained bruises and cuts, though one had a fractured bone. Besides two people being listed in critical condition, two were listed as being in serious condition.

According to authorities, nearly 100 people were on the Shucker’s Bar 7 Grill deck when it collapsed. The business is located in North Bay Village, which is just north of Miami Beach.

Rescuers had to pull patrons from the waters of Biscayne Bay and divers were called in to search underneath the deck that fell into the water, while helicopters overhead shined lights onto the area where the accident occurred.

The scene of the accident was chaotic as both rescuers and bar customers pulled people out of the bay. One eyewitness said yelling took place along with crying.

Witnesses said when they heard the explosion they thought the deck had been run into by a large boat. However, once he looked outside he could see patrons in the water and he joined in helping them to safety.

Fifty units and divers were deployed to the accident scene. The water was only 4 feet deep at the point where the deck hit.

Through interviews, the accident victims and patrons were able to confirm whom they arrived with in order to make sure everyone had been accounted for.

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