Colorado state health officials released the report of a patient who was being evaluated for Ebola on Monday. The patient, having a history of travelling across Ebola-struck countries, tested negatively.

A patient who had been under surveillance for the deadly disease, Ebola, at the Denver hospital, has steered cleared of the disease. The patient has recently travelled through several Ebola-struck, but Colorado state health officials confirmed that he tested negatively for Ebola.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said the person was tested at a state lab. The move was a preventive and cautionary step, the officials claimed. Although the identity of the person has not been revealed, it has been informed that he has not yet been released.

On Sunday, he was transferred to the bio-containment division of the Denver Health Medical Center via an ambulance after he showed symptoms of fever. The hospital explained that although the person tested negatively for Ebola, he will be hospitalized for a few more days for observational purposes. The hospital is treating the person in an isolation unit and is being attended to by specially trained staff.

On Monday, state officials said the person was urged to be tested for Ebola after consultation with several health officials. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was also among the other health officials that were sought for advice on the matter. The various health officials recommended that the patient be monitored and evaluated.

The Colorado state officials also informed that they did not see any signs of deterioration of the patient’s health.

The Colorado incident took place out of cautionary necessity against the fatal and deadly outburst of Ebola. According to statistics published most recently by the World Health Organization, Ebola has caused 8,235 deaths and has infected as many as 20,747 people across the globe.

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