Chicago – There is no scientific evidence that illustrates how people lose weight as a result of using commercial weight-loss programs. However, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig who are the only two major commercial weight-loss programs marketed nationwide can boast of having scientific evidence. The evidence illustrates how their clients can maintain their weight loss for at least a year.

A comparative research has revealed that clients from Jenny Craig lost an average of 4.9% more weight while those enrolled in weight watchers lost an average of 2.6%. This was discovered to be way above what people who are dieting on their own or those who are receiving health education counseling lose hence the results from these two programs have been said to be modern.

It is either Weight Watchers or Jenny Craigweight-loss programs

These same results have been backed up by clinical trials which have lasted for twelve months or even longer having demonstrated how participants had such a great weight loss than the nonparticipants. However, even though some participants remained overweight while losing 3–5% doctors have recommended the same citing that health wise it has its benefits that include lower blood pressure.

It is either Weight Watchers or Jenny Craigweight-loss programs

According to Dr. Kimberly Gudzune, a researcher at Johns Hopkins University’s medical school, this is one of the very important steps that anyone would reach. 11 popular diet programs were reviewed alongside 39 rigorous studies which compared standard diet information or behavioral counseling. From the comparisons results for Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig were found to be way better than others.

While Jenny Craig was found to be faring well throughout the study, Weight Watchers was considered to be a high-intensity program. It requires you to attend at least 12 sessions a year. Better still it is one of the lowest-cost options according to the study because it costs about $43 monthly.

The cost takes care of online attendance if any, group support, one on one or even coaching sessions. On the other hand, Jenny Craig costs about almost $600 monthly but provides pre-made meals

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