On Tuesday, Ray Kelly the Police Commissioner from New York City was preparing to give a speech at Brown University when he was heckled off the stage by angry critics over the stop and frisk NYPD policy.

Kelly was scheduled to give a lecture at the Providence, Rhode Island Ivy League school titled the Proactive Policing in the Biggest City in America.

However, Commissioner Kelly had to cut short his remarks when dozens of activists and students started protesting prior to the lecture on Tuesday afternoon.

One of the protesters yelled out that racism is not up for debate.

Brown University officials requested that the protesters refrain from disrupting the lecture and reserve their comments until the question and answer part of the talk with Kelly.

That request was followed by further protest from the activists and students so officials decided it was best to clear the hall and cancel the lecture.

Currently the NYPD has had to defend itself against a number of lawsuits that have been filed alleging the NYPD policy is nothing more than racial profiling.

One critic at the lecture shouted that the group wanted the NYPD to stop, stopping and frisking people in New York City.

Christina Paxson the President of Brown University said later Tuesday afternoon that the conduct by the activists and students was indefensible.

The statement released by Paxson said the conduct by disruptive audience members at the lecture of Commissioner Kelly was indefensible. She called it an affront to both the university’s core set of values of dialogue and to civil democratic society.

Some Brown students had petitioned earlier that the university cancel the lecture by Kelly. However, when the university went ahead with the scheduled lecture the students decided to make sure it was cancelled by them, said one of the organizers of the protest Jenny Li a student at the school.

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