The IDC has released its figures for the worldwide shipment of tablets. The figures show that the market for computer tablets is still dominated by Apple. Samsung has increased its percentage of the market along with other competitors. Asus, one of those competitors, was helped from the launching of the Google Nexus 7 that took place earlier this year.

Even though Apple has the largest share of the market, it shrank over the past 12 months from over 60% to a current 50.4%. Nevertheless, the Cupertino, California based tech company saw its shipments increase over the past 12 months by 26%.

Three computer companies Samsung, Asus and Amazon have gained market share from Apple. Asus was helped by manufacturing the Google Nexus 7, as they saw an increase in tablet shipments of more than 253% during the past year.Samsung is now clearly in second place in tablet shipments with a market share of more than 18.4%. They have enjoyed an increase in shipments over the past year of more than 325%.

Samsung developed both the Nexus 10 from Google and the Note 10.1 and that will help to continue increasing the market share for the South Korean electronics giant.

The newly launched mini iPad from Apple has received good ratings overall and its lower price will surely impact the market, especially for those people who have yet to enter the market who are more price conscious. The effect of the new mini iPad will be reflected in January 2013 when fourth quarter earnings for 2012 are announced.

Overall, the tablet market worldwide increased in size by 49.5% in the past 12 months.


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