A research firm comScore on friday released a report stating Apple tops as a smartphone maker in U.S. for January 2014, leaving behind Samsung, HTC and LG. Holding a score of 41.67 percent Apple smartphones made a dominant win over Samsung which holds a 26.7 percent of market share in total.

With about 159.8 million people in US owning a smartphone, Apple has ranked to be on the top, followed by Samsung with a figure of 26.7 percent, LG with 6.9 percent, Motorola with 6.4 percent and HTC with 5.4 percent only.
While other three companies has shown a growth, HTC and Motorola faced a decline in figures. A growth of 1.0 percent in Apple, 1.3 percent in Samsung and 0.3 percent in LG was observed, where Motorola and HTC showed a decline of 0.3 and 0.6 percent respectively.

The figures not being official when it only depicts who has a better quarter, real data is yet to be released from companies listed above.While Motorola and HTC showed a decline, it is anticipated to have them recover it.  Under the category of mid-range smartphones, Moto G has made a hit in the markets of U.S. and other countries, where HTC One successor is expected to cover up the space too.

Coming to the which OS tops the chart, Without any doubts its the Google’s Android again. Even after showing a decline of -0.5 percent Android still managed to be on the top with a figure of 51.7 percent, leaving behind Apple iOS with a 40.6 percent figure.
Holding small figures Symbian and Windows OS showed no change where BlackBerry is too far with only a 3.1 percent market share and a decline of 0.5 percent.

The reports also included as Facebook is the most used mobile app followed by Google play store, But in terms of browsing, Google websites takes most of it with a reach of 89.4 percent.

Taking in account both Samsung Galaxy S5, which broke all pre-book records at AT&T and well rumored iPhone 6, figures seems to be changing soon with in upcoming quarters.

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