Scientists have been trying to unravel the mystery of Alzheimer’s disease. It is only now that the mystery of the disease is slowly being unveiled.

Scientists have recently revealed that concussions on the head could be one of the precipitating factors of Alzheimer disease. A history of concussions which leads to a momentary loss of consciousness could be one of the initiators of Alzheimer’s disease associated plaques in the human brain. These findings have been released by a recent study at Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minn.

The study included two groups of people, the first group of people included 141 people with memory problems known in the medical jargon as mild cognitive impairment. Another group consisted of 448 people without any indication of memory loss or dementia.

Of the group of 448 people without any incidence of memory problems, 17% said that they had brain injuries while 18% of the 141 people said that they had brain injuries.

The brain scans of the persons without any memory and thinking impairments, regardless of the incidence of head injuries or not did not show any anomaly. However persons having impaired memory with head injuries showed had levels of amyloidal plaques which were 18 percent higher than those with no head trauma history.

Study author Michelle Mielke, PhD, “Our results add merit to the idea that concussion and Alzheimer’s disease brain pathology may be related. However, the fact that we did not find a relationship in those without memory and thinking problems suggests that any association between head trauma and amyloid is complex,”


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