A Spanish nurse that was a part of a medical team that treated a 69-year old priest in Madrid has become the first Ebola patient in Spain. The unnamed woman developed high fever and was placed in isolation in Alcorcon hospital where she had reported for treatment.

A test confirmed she had the Ebola disease, but then a second test has been scheduled to confirm her Ebola status. The old priest the nurse had treated alongside her medical team had been flown in from Africa for treatment in Spain where he had eventually died of Ebola. The old priest was a missionary in Sierra Leone before contracting the disease and before being flown back for treatment in Spain; and now the nurse has been confirmed to have come down with the disease.

A second test would confirm fears that the nurse has Ebola, and if this happens to be the case, she would be the first Ebola case to be diagnosed in Spain. Hospital authorities are yet to disclose her name because they are not authorized to do so, but within a week or two, she will be identified to the whole world. She is currently in isolation at the Madrid hospital and being monitored for symptoms of Ebola while tests continue to be run on her.

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