Contact lens users beware as Keratitis, an eye infection disease is on rise United Sates of America. Researchers say that recent rise in the disease is due prolonged use of contact lens. Keratitis is an infection in the cornea generally caused by bacteria. However amoeba, viruses and fungi also contribute to the cause of infection.

Researchers observed from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention closely observed nearly 38 million contact lens wearers in America and found that due to lack of precaution to be while using contact lens including delayed replacement of lenses, they frequently complained of inflammation in eyes and several other contact lens related diseases. Researchers compared the number of people using contact lens and suffering from Keratitis, to the numbers of people that doesn’t use contact lens and suffering from Keratitis, they found that contact lens were more prone to the disease.

The CDC states, “Among the estimated 38 million contact lens wearers in the United States, poor storage case hygiene, infrequent storage case replacement, and overnight lens wear are established preventable risk factors for microbial Keratitis, contact lens-related inflammation, and other eye complications.”

However, those who took proper care and followed all the precautionary measure weren’t prone to the disease. The CDC describes, “Keratitis associated with poor contact lens hygiene is preventable. Prevention efforts should include surveillance, improved estimates of the burden of disease, and vigorous health promotion activities focused on contact lens users and eye care professionals (ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians). Increased surveillance capacity is needed for microbial Keratitis, in particular data from optometrist visits.”

Jennifer Cope, MD, MPH, medical epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that Keratitis affects al age groups including teens and seniors. However, the study showed that woman are more likely to get affected from the disease than men. Out of all the affected patients 63 percent were women, she said.

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