Authorities in Scotland said there were a number of casualties and people still trapped in a pub in Glasgow, after it was crashed into by a police helicopter.

Police and rescue crews were continuing to free the people trapped in the pub that had partially collapsed on Friday night after a helicopter from the Scottish police crashed onto the roof of the building. At least 1 person has died with over two dozen injured.

The copter plunged and crashed into The Clutha Pub at around 10:25 pm on Friday night, said the police. Video of the incident shows a portion of the rotor from the helicopter protruding out from the roof of the pub.

Officials said they believed close to 120 people had been inside the pub at the time of the crash. The helicopter crew numbered three including a civilian pilot and two officers.

In a Saturday morning press briefing, Stephen House the Chief Constable for the Scotland Police said he was not able to confirm whether any remaining survivors were still trapped in the pub. House also told the press it was expected that the death toll would rise.

Just after the accident occurred, many casualties were taken from the pub.

Police were able to make contact with some of the people who had been trapped inside, but it was not clear how many patrons of the bar were still waiting to be rescued.

Over 125 firefighters arrived at the scene to stabilize the building and rescue those trapped. Due to the left side of the building collapsing, the building was deemed unstable and that slowed the efforts of rescuers.

Authorities said 32 people or more had been taken to hospitals in the area. A minster from the Labor Party stopped while driving by the carnage and said the scene was horrible.

Authorities said the crash did not ignite a fire otherwise, the situation would have been even more tragic.

The pub had been packed with its usual large crowd for Friday night. The patrons were drinking while listening to Esperanza a nine-piece band.

One eyewitness said that halfway through the band’s set a giant explosion took place and covered much of the room in dust.

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