Columbia University, NY – NASA has stated that its Curiosity Rover has sent some insights of the Martian atmosphere recently. It primarily analyzed the nature and presence of xenon, which belongs to the noble family of gases, which remain neutral and do not react, with the surrounding under normal circumstances. Initially, the purpose of analyzing the findings of the Rover was to detect the presence of water on the planet.

In recent times, there was a joint collaboration between NASA’s Curiosity Rover and the MAVEN, the Mars atmosphere and volatile evolution entered the orbit of Mars with the sole intention of detecting the upper surface of the Mars atmosphere which is considered to be weak. The research was mostly aimed at detecting the loss of gas, water and carbon dioxide into the surrounding atmosphere.

Mars surface reveals ice cream sandwiches like mineral surface

It was after the Curiosity Rover climbed a mountain that it detected the flowing of water in the past. It discovered ridges through which apparently water used to flow once upon a time. These ridges were two toned and comprised of minerals and displayed prominent veins on its surface that indicated signs of wear and tear over the years. These samples were collected from three different locations.

The findings revealed that the ridges resembled an ‘ice cream sandwich’ like appearance. There was a white material in the centre surrounded by much darker material on the outside. The study of xenon gave a detailed insight into the prevailing atmosphere on Mars and the changes that have taken place over the recent past. An in depth study of xenon can reveal the structural, physical and chemical changes that have altered the surface of the planet.

The two toned mineral ridges were found at a site named ‘Garden City’ and the veins were formed on account of the erosion that had taken place and eventually gave it this ice cream sandwich like look. These ridges were formed due to the flowing of different fluids through the region depositing different minerals along the way.

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  1. Nick Brown

    You mean mineral veins like ice cream sandwiches. Right?

  2. Me

    i just clicked here because it sayed ice cream sandwhich… i dont know what i was expecting to see, probably best case would be a scene from ‘cloudy with a chance of meatballs’


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