Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) is going to provide the upcoming Watch on a reservation basis. Recent reports suggest that the company is breaking the first come first buy iPhone policy in case of the new Apple Watch. At the start of the launch, customers won’t be able to walk in and buy the first iOS wearable from the stores.

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The leaked documents that have surfaced the Internet suggest that the customers have to make a reservation before stepping into the store to buy the Watch. In order to secure a unit, users will have to make a reservation via the online Product Reservation page, which is expected to appear on the after the Watch launch.

Reports suggest that the availability of the Watch is going to be highly restricted, and company’s  move to have the users reserved before even the unit arrives, can help Apple maintain the supply-demand ratio. It will also give an estimate of how many customers are willing to buy the Apple Watch and which version.

The leaked documents also suggest that the Gold Edition Apple Watch can be purchased without any prior reservations. Apple Inc premium $10,000 Watch will be on sale at retail stores and online for without any reservation, however, that does not apply to Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport.

Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition is going to be available in the stores and online starting 4th of April this year, and customers will have a chance to wear and try them at the nearest Apple retail store.

In the beginning, the company is only going to focus on selling the Watch in the US, UK, Europe, Hong Kong and few other countries. Remaining few are expected to have the Watch in their stores by the end of May or before that.

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