Cyanogen is preparing for a war against Google to snatch away its prized possession, Android. The six-year-old start-up recently scored a huge funding from big names in the industry, including Twitter Venture, Qualcomm and more, primarily to build an advanced and Google-free version of the Android.

The funding will be used by the company to hire new engineers on the board and for developing an operating system that is not based on the services offered by the Google. For now, a majority of Android users rely heavily on the in-built and native Google services and applications for their smartphone to function properly. However, Cyanogen, along with few other companies, is breaking the legacy the Internet giant has maintained until now.

Cyanogen receives 80 million for anti Google Android project

Blu, a hardware company, has been trying to build a Google-free version of the Android, and relies heavily on the other services such as Dropbox and others to replace the existing applications that come bundled with the stock version of the Android.

Cyanogen and Blu are expected to work closely, as Blu is already in talks with the start-up to install the upcoming Cyanogen OS on its devices. However, Google services are probably the most used services in today’s technology world and abandoning them can land users into issues, but on the other hand it will also open doors for the new and exciting applications to replace the native applications from the Internet giant.

There are no reports about when the Cyanogen is going to reveal this new Google free Android operating systems. Except Blu, none of the smartphone manufacturers has shown an interest until now in building a smartphone exclusively for the upcoming Cyanogen OS.

However, the highly customizable operating system is already gaining a lot of attention with the recently launched OnePlus One smartphone. In the recent round of fundraising, the company collected about $80 million of funds.

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