Hawaii – Cyber attack temporarily created disturbance in the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) main website located on the Mauna Kea peak of Hawaii’s Big Island. According to the authorities, the attack disrupted the working of the main website of the world’s largest telescopes for around two hours.

A representative of TMT, Caroline Witherspoon has confirmed the attack but said that the identity of the person or organization behind the cyber attack could not be traced. On the other hand, an anonymous hacker group on a site called Operation Green Rights claimed the responsibility. The hacker group has posted the related images claiming their hand in the attack on the site.


According to Sandra Dawson, the project spokeswoman, TMT was victimized by an anonymous attacker and investigations are going on to trace the people behind this incidence. The Hawaii News Now also reported an attack on another state-owned website for a short period. Currently, the website is functioning properly. The screenshots posted on the Operation Green Rights website displayed both the main website of the state government of Hawaii and the website of TMT.

Locals Protest against TMT

The group message on the site said that nothing can justify the ecosystem destructions, and it is impossible to replace the loss by money. The message appealed the natives of the Hawaii to stand against TMT. Locals have been protesting against the construction of the telescope on the Hawaii Island’s highest mountain.

Apart from the environmental concern, one of the main reasons behind the protest is that the native Hawaiians consider the mountain sacred. Hence, building a big telescope on the mountain is not acceptable to many. Last month 31 people were arrested when the protesters came out on the streets against the construction of TMT.

However, the scientists and the officials are of the opinion that the Mauna Kea being the highest place in Hawaii is just ideal for the construction of TMT Observatory Corp.

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