As per a recent report from the “60 Minutes” DARPA, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is working on a new search engine that will reveal the hidden secrets of the Dark Net or Deep Web. Several researchers have suggested that the dark web is home to a number of illegal activities, including drugs, child pornography, human trafficking and more. Memex,  the search engine, has only been developed keeping in mind these activities.

Memex is an advanced browser that can analyze the web data to present the search results that are often left out by the industry’s top search giants. Google, Bing or Yahoo cannot display the search results that Memex can quickly. The difference lies in the technology that has been used to develop it. While other search engines look for the popularity, Memex takes other parameters such as the advertisements. Currently, this DARPA search engine is under development and is being used to search for the human trafficker hiding in the dark web. Officials said that this technology can also be used to find missing people, disaster relief and much more.

DARPA said that Memex is going to be of more importance as it reveals the part of the web that is still untouched. “The Internet is much, much bigger than people think,” DARPA program manager Chris White told “60 Minutes.” “By some estimates Google, Microsoft Bing, and Yahoo only give us access to around 5 percent of the content on the Web.”

In a demo to “60Minutes,” it was shown how efficiently Memex was analyzing the web for advertisements for sex. “Sometimes it’s a function of IP address, but sometimes it’s a function of a phone number or address in the ad or the geolocation of a device that posted the ad,” White said. “There are sometimes other artifacts that contribute to location.”

However, Memex is not a hacking tool neither it implies any such methods. Officials said if a website is not publicly visible then Memex will not be able to present any results for it.

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