DARPA has come forward to develop warfare vehicles that are not heavy equipped, but light-weight and intelligent to detect the threat from miles away. The new video that was released by the US military showed a significant change in ground-based armed vehicles. DARPA is constantly involved in developing warfare vehicles that are fast, efficient and are capable of destroying the enemy base or area without causing any much of trouble to its controller or the soldiers.

BBC reported that, “It reads to me like they intend to incorporate a number of unmanned advances,” says Maren Leed, a senior advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC. That would allow the crew to focus on their mission while the vehicle reaches its destination automatically. It could either be fully autonomous, or it could be ‘remote controlled’ with a degree of autonomy. This is how drones are piloted, from a remote location. A combination of the two would allow one remote pilot to oversee several semi-autonomous tanks, while their occupants are busy spotting potential targets.

“It looks like one of those Halo vehicles,” says Scott Aughenbaugh, deputy director for strategic futures at CSIS, who adds that the the U.S. army is making a big push towards consideration of megacities as possible battlefields of the future. “One thing they realize is that sending an Abrams tank down the center of a street in a disaster area is not easy, so they have to have some smaller lightweight vehicles for some of those places.”

The video was about a vehicle showing a closed cockpit having visualization technologies to provide the outer view. The path planning technologies to do a proper navigation advanced sensors to identify and visualize the surroundings and other sophisticated techniques to make it easy for the soldier, while deadly for the enemy.

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