Angalifu, a rare white rhino who was being treated for age-related conditions is dead – he was 44. Angalifu died over the weekend at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and his death brings the total remaining number of rare white rhinos on earth to five – one at a zoo in the Czech Republic, one at the Safari Park, and three in Africa.

According to Randy Rieches, the curator of mammals at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, “Angalifu’s death is a tremendous loss to all of us. Not only because he was well beloved here at the Park but also because his death brings this wonderful species one step closer to extinction.”

Angalifu was the sixth of the northern white rhinoceros remaining on earth – and his kind is endangered because of the activities of poachers in Africa. The five remaining ones are not productive any longer, and this means the rare animals could go extinct in a few years if urgent preservation procedures are not taken to reproduce their kinds or protect them from poachers.

Poachers kill rhinos for their horns in the wild because it is believed to have medicinal values. Out of all the 30,000 rhinos there are on earth, Rieches believe one is killed by poaching every eight hours.

The semen and testicular tissues of Angalifu, the deceased northern white rhino have been kept at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s “Frozen Zoo” against the hope that it could be used to impregnate southern white rhinos to produce pure northern white variety. The only problem is just that artificial insemination with rhinos is much more difficult to achieve than with other animals like cattle.

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  1. Zen Galacticore

    This is so incredibly sad, and it causes angst among many of us because most of us feel powerless to do anything about it, really.

    I do wish the people out there, (from what I’ve read, mostly in China and surrounds), would learn that ground rhino horn or tiger testicles are not going to make one sexually virile or increase libido, etc. (As if the Chinese or Indians need to be more prolific as it is!!!)

    Over-population and widespread ignorance, as well as apathy, will be the death of mankind.

    • RescuemefromObummer

      I hear a lot lately about overpopulation. While I agree there are too many people on earth, I do not see anyone volunteering to help with the problem by leaving early. Are you up for it?
      Thought not. Identify the problem, wait for someone else to deal with it.
      Too bad about the Rhinos. Should have been using aircraft to shred poachers with mini-guns. Put the word out that anyone in conservation zones is marked for death, then let her rip.

      • Zen Galacticore

        It’s not necessary that anyone, “leaves” early. All that is needed is for people to use contraception. One encouraging trend is the contraceptive empowerment of women that is occurring in many countries where previously women had no such control or power over how many offspring they birth.

        You’re not the first person to respond snarkily to my pointing out the over-population problem, and I’ve done my part in choosing not to have any children. No one that I know who is as concerned about the problem as I am has ever suggested that we, “take people out early” or “remove” the living in any way.

        Populations can be rationally and sensibly reduced over time, through simple family planning, and I’m not talking about abortion.

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