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Sunny Country’s [WLDR-101.9FM] Morning DJ – Dave B. Goode has a special series every Friday.

What is it? To deep Fry something that simply just shouldn’t be deep fried.

I list of his recent victims Pumpkin Guts, Thyme, Booberry Cereal,Yogurt and the list goes on and on.

It’s one thing to deep fry everything is another to actually eat it! And he does so on air for all the world to hear [Sunny Country is broadcasts live on the internet]. His reactions and that of his co-host Nicky J is enough to give even people with the strongest stomachs the willies.

Take a look on the radio stations Facebook Page at:

Dave is always looking for the newest and grossest things that he could deep fry. Please help him find his next victim and visit the radio stations Facebook account and give him some suggestions.

You can also visit their Homepage at: for all of the newest and crazy things that Mr. Dave B. Goode is up to.

A great euphonious in every box

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