Long-term researchers have established that death rates occasioned by chronic breast cancers can be cut down to 70% when patients cut down on weight loss by a minimum 5lb, and consume diets that reduce the fatality potentials of their cancers.

About 2,400 women were tested and watched for weight loss cuts over a 10-year period, and it was discovered that death rates were cut down by 70% among even women with the deadliest cancers so long they had lost weight.

Tracking thousands of women over two decades, the Women’s Intervention Nutrition Study found out that changes in diets would greatly reduce the likelihood of breast cancer recurrence after the women had initially gone through some breast cancer treatments.

Divided into two groups, some women were placed on a low-fat diet; and they were found to have lower death rates over the next 20 years after they were able to maintain weight loss cuts of 6lb over a five year period. About 20% of the women that had breast cancers not linked to any hormonal problems experienced the greater results of death cuts. This group even involve patients with triple negative cancers as well as those with BRCA1 – resulting from a faulty gene – as the one that made Angelina Jolie to undergo double mastectomy.

70% death rate reduction was observed in women that lost a minimum 5lb over 10 years, and death incidents were halved even 20 years after.

The director of research at Genesis breast cancer prevention charity, Professor Tony Howell, states that “A 69 per cent reduction in deaths in a group with few alternative treatments – that’s as good as any drug. For 20 per cent of women, this is as effective as chemotherapy.”

Diets with reduced calories and natural fibers targeted at a 6lb weight loss goal over a number of years ensures that women with breast cancers have their fatality rates cut down by 50% to 70%.

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6 Responses

  1. Entity1

    And the war on fat continues. Notice some items completely absent in this reporting: what type of fat was reduced? Was it animal fat, which has been demonstrated for eternity to be good for you? Or was it processed vegetable fat, such as what’s found in margarine & most processed foods, which has been demonstrated to be horrible for you? And what exactly were these women eating? Is it possible that, in addition to cutting down on certain fats, they also cut down significantly on processed carbohydrates and sugar? Which, by the way, brings us to the crux of the whole thesis: fat is NOT the problem in obesity; sugar and other processed carbohydrates are. This is why people on Atkins and Paleo diets lose a ton of weight, despite eating copious amounts of animal fat. Agree or disagree with their diets, they are living proof that fat is NOT the issue in obesity. So even if losing weight were helpful in reducing mortality rates, then you don’t need to cut down on fat to lose weight — you need to cut out the sugars and processed carbs. Furthermore, it’s not “weight loss” that is saving these women, anyway. It’s reduction in inflammation, of which obesity is a symptom. I’m so bloody sick of the propaganda and junk science spewed by the health industry and promulgated by today’s lazy media.

  2. MEEu

    When one diets to reduce weight one usually reduces dietary fructose and blood glucose. Reducing blood glucose reduces fructose production in cells from glucose via sorbitol pathway. Many cancer may not be able to make fructose from glucose. Fructose molecule is needed to make needed nuclear material when a cell replicates. So I tell my patients who may get cancers, have cancers or had cancers to avoid dietary fructose and make sure their blood glucose remains in low normal range. This is probably reasoning behind what is happening, but to a lesser extent in the above study. fructosefree dot com. John Weaver MD

  3. mel

    Weight loss cuts makes it sound like you should not lose weight. Cut down on the weight loss.

  4. Timothy Fitzpatrick

    ya.. whats up with the grammar and phrasing…lol…”cut down on weight loss”.

  5. Frogtown

    Please hire an editor or someone that can write clearly, this is painful to read and does not make sense.


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