Disney announced on Monday that it has partnered with Google. Android users can now download the app on Google Play Store, and movies by Disney, Pixar and Marvel. Thus all the movies by the Walt Disney Company can be watched. Movies are also available on iTunes. Android users across the world can now watch ‘Frozen’ on the app, other movies are yet available in the U.S only. Newly released movies can cost anywhere around $20 on Google Play Store.

This act is a part of Disney’s project, which was launched earlier this year called Disney Movies Anywhere. Movies can thus be downloaded or streamed, and watched ‘anywhere’, as the name of the project suggests. The companies have however still not announced its plans for Lucasfilm series. Users await it as it contains interesting and widely watch favourites like the Star Wars, which is due for release early in 2015. Dates have not been confirmed.

The movies will be a booster for the parents, as they can keep kids engaged with gadgets. Disney’s chief technology officer, Jamie Voris said, “The biggest benefit for a consumer is about being able to watch a movie on different platforms, like if someone owns both an Android phone and an iPad. You used to buy a shiny plastic disc and know it would work anywhere.” He exclaimed that if made legal with reasonably priced offering, people often choose that. There are more than 400 movies listed on app stores.

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