After researchers from the Baylor College of Medicine published a study that concluded that pigeons have magneto sensitive GPS cells in their brains, a new study has emerged to prove that dolphins are attracted to magnets and quite able to detect the presence of magnets anywhere.

With this study, scientists are getting more convinced that most wild animals and birds could position themselves and get their bearings because of their instinctive detection of magnetic fields in the earth. Researchers are getting more excited that animals and birds could find the source of the earth’s magnetic pull and position themselves accordingly.

In the case of the dolphin, scientists experimented with six bottlenose dolphins that were just swimming freely on their own activities – and then the researchers measured how they reacted or responded to a barrel containing magnets and another identical one that doesn’t contain magnetized materials.

According to the French researchers, “dolphins approached the device with shorter latency when it contained a strongly magnetized neodymium block compared to a control demagnetized block that was identical in form and density and therefore indistinguishable with echolocation. We conclude that dolphins are able to discriminate the two stimuli on the basis of their magnetic properties, a prerequisite for magnetoreception-based navigation.”

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