Researchers at the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists have done their thing, again – adjusting the figurative Doomsday Clock. In the latest move, the researchers cited concerns over climate change and nuclear threat. They have adjusted the clock nearly 22 times since its inception, sometimes backwards when positive progress is made to mitigate the many threats to the existence of humanity.

The latest adjustment to the minute hand of the Doomsday Clock moved us two minutes closer to midnight. As things stand now, the ultimate end of the world as we know it is just three minutes way – figuratively speaking.

Threat of nuclear weapons

According to Kennette Benedict, a senior official at Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the latest advancement on the Doomsday Clock points to the threats posed by the race to secure nuclear weapons. The other threat that caused the latest advancement in the Clock is the unchecked climate change.

Just recently, researcher reported that 2014 was the hottest year on record, going back to 1880. The combination of high concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and other industrial activities are accelerating global warming.

Real and swift action needed

Although Benedict said that there was still room to remedy the situation, he said that real steps need to be taken, and the move should be swift. It is only when real actions are taken soon enough that the impending catastrophe on humanity can be averted.

The community of Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists holds that the threats facing mankind currently have been caused by failed leadership in the world. The problem is that such failure only endangers the life of every person on earth.

Back in memory

The Doomsday Clock was founded in 1947 and gives figurative presentation of the situation of humanity and threats around it. The midnight in the Doomsday Clock marks the final demise of humanity and the world as it is known today.

In the past, the Clock has been moved over issues such as climate change, nuclear weapons threat and advancement in technology among others. The movement of the Clock is decided by the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin. The Board contains 17 Nobel laureates.

The Doomsday Clock moved closest to midnight, just two minutes away, in 1953. That was when the U.S. tested the hydrogen bomb for the first time.

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