A new study reports that drinking lots of milk could be injurious to the health of humans. Ages of previous researches across the world have shown calcium prevents osteoporosis and also strengthens the bones, making them stronger. Due to these benefits to bone health, U.S. health officials recommend milk as part of a healthy diet, recognizing it nationally, and providing it in schools. However, researchers prove in the new study that men and women who drank a lot of milk were also prone to fractures, and various other bone related problems.

A professor at the City University of New York School of Public Health said, “People should not change their diet based on these findings.We can’t draw conclusions at this point, we need a study involving people who genetically can and can’t digest milk easily, and compare whether those who can digest milk have a difference in cardiovascular disease, death and fractures from those who can’t.”

The researchers also wrote that the results should be viewed with caution. Karl Michaelsson from the department of surgical sciences at Uppsala University said, “The study findings have, for myself, been strong enough to cut down on my milk consumption.”

There were more than 61,000 women and 45,000 men involved in the study in Sweden. In the process of study, they filled out dietary questionnaires. Michaelsson said, “The increased risk of death we observed could be explained by the high levels of sugars contained in milk, specifically lactose and galactose. Galactose has been shown to prematurely age mice in the laboratory, noting that the milk sugar promotes inflammation.”


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