The US Government is yet to decide whether two drugs, which are expected to lower the risk of heart attacks should be allowed in the market. The two drugs are evolocumab and alirocumab which are likely to be rebranded to Repatha and Praluent respectively. The former is being developed by Amgen while the latter by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Sanofi SA companies that are known globally for cutting down on cholesterol levels.

A research that has been done freshly from the older studies gives very impressive results which have been said to be consistent. This is according to the lead investigator of the Repatha study Dr. Marc Sabatine. Doctors noted that many people have been taking statins the likes of Lipitor and Zocor and cannot be tolerated any more hence the more the need for new medication. This was agreed at an annual meeting at the American College of Cardiology the same place that the results were presented.

Drugs that will lower the risk of heart attacks in people with heart problems

The drugs which are said to prevent serious heart problems are antibodies are given through an injection. Their design targets the PCSK9 protein which maintains LDL cholesterol within the main blood stream. Besides, it has been confirmed that they work totally different from the normal statin pills that have been commonly used before.

However, although Amgen and Sanofi have asked FDA to approve the drugs which they claim are available as low cost generic, there are still many unanswered concerns of side effects that have been raised by FDA and which include memory problems and confusion. This is besides the fact that the Health insurers are in real wait of the approval and are already embracing the impact of expenditure which is going to be controlled.

Never the less the two companies responsible for these two drugs have since been asked to keep track on these concerns. Its encouraging to see a serious reduction of cardiovascular events with an event referring to death or a heart – related problem.

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