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The sheer diversity of cigars can be complicated for brand new smokers. Many new smokers want to know: is it OK to buy cigars from their local drugstore or chain stores? What is the quality of those cigars? Can you expect to get a good flavor from these sort of cigars? Let’s find the answer to these kind of questions.

While, after all, it is perfectly OK to buy these cigars, remember that these packaged cigars are often of poorer quality. Most ‘drugstore’ cigars contain preservative or different non-tobacco ingredients. Widespread ingredients that exist in modern packaged cigars might include paper, Glycerin, and saltpeter. High quality cigars will contain just tobacco. Packaged drugstore cigars will generally contain these extra ingredients designed to keep them stored on the shelves for extended periods of time.

In order to get the best quality cigars, you’ll have to go to your local tobacconist. Whereas many mail order businesses do carry good quality cigars, remember that they often won’t sell singles, thus you’ll have to buy whole boxes. Visiting your local tobacconist lets you check different brands before deciding on a box. Here is a link to an amazing variety pack of cigars click me now

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