Finally the long awaited (and announced) title in the Toontrack Music Toontrack Software Tools series is ready for release. Taking a new angle on the conversion of drum audio to drum MIDI and drum sound replacement, Drumtracker(R) features stand alone operation and all out manual operation. Like other tools in the TST series Drumtracker is compatible with all major drum sampler MIDI mappings in the market. Drumtracker is another step in Toontrack Music’s endeavor to deliver a complete solution for production, composition and drum performance for players and producers alike. Drumtracker will be available through Toontrack Music distributors and retailers at the end of December.

Drumtracker is a stand alone, host independent, multi-track audio to MIDI converter. Specifically designed to convert drum session audio recordings to MIDI files for drum replacement purposes, Drumtracker will grant your drums a new lease of life.

The built-in filters in Drumtracker allow you to quickly detect the most common instruments and specify the velocity threshold for each section of your song. In addition, you may, of course, save your own filter presets to gain valuable time when sound replacing.

Best of all, Drumtracker lets you select which part or parts of a drum audio track to convert, down to each single hit. You can change the velocity, delete, add or move trigger points to your requirements, giving you manual control of tracking and converting audio to MIDI, to supplement automatic detection.

Audition the triggered parts using Drumtracker built-in sample library, then, when you are happy with the result, convert the MIDI rendered by Drumtracker to the mapping system of your favorite drum sampler.

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