For those who take great pleasure in using e-ink gadgets such as the e-ink Sony SmartBand Talk’s or watches and phone cases, here is a smartphone launch which just could interest them enough to buy.

The YotaPhone 2 is the latest from the Russian gadget maker and is a sequel to a 2013 launched first model.

What’s YotaPhone?

Simply said, it’s a dual-screen smartphone, which has multi-colored aesthetic display like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the likes but has an additional back-screen. The second or the rear screen doubles as a e-reader-type of display mode. However, the advantage here is that the near mono-color display ensures you will hardly need battery power to run.

That is, even if the battery on the YotaPhone dies, you could yet have your rear-screen map display running, guiding you to your destination!

Yota is a Russian broadband provider which also makes functional smartphones with a difference. Yota smartphones carry the signature dual screen on the rear with e-ink display. The technology used is similar to a Kindle.

YotaPhone 2

Upscale and definitely interesting to anyone interested in technology and gizmos, the YotaPhone 2 boasts of a range of tweaks. The model was on display at the largest of the world’s mobile exhibitions, the MWC earlier in February.

The YotaPhone 2 tweaks break past the lack of quality, as well as compatibility for apps.

More importantly, the e-ink screen is now all friendly with touch capacity. The new model is all set to release in Europe on December 4. YotaPhone are available at select store in London. It will retail in nearly 20 other countries as well. However, it will release in Asia Pacific as well as China only by early 2015.

Larger markets such as the US, Latin America and Canada are expected to see the YotaPhone 2 launch only by the end of the first quarter of 2015. YotaPhone is priced roughly the same price as Samsung Galaxy 3.

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