Everybody wants to be in Dubai these days, and many more celebrities are having their weddings in Dubai – the ever-growing port city in the United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf – but this latest global fascination with Dubai is not unconnected with its growing obsession to turn the city into a wonderland of sorts.

Converting its arid lands and hot sands into artificial islands as well as tourist resorts, Dubai has succeeded in constructing magnificent edifices and attractive structures that attract people from all over the world – but the city is not done yet – it is now set to construct a weather system where artificial snow falls and stays on the ground like you have in Europe and North America.

Ski-resort style, Dubai has contracted a German construction company to pull off the trick of making snow fall on its sands and streets and everything, and the real estate developers of Kleindienst is set to make this happen in no time. According to the company’s CEO, Josef Kleindienst, “We are aiming for a green building certificate, for the highest rating possible in Dubai,” and the company is using an outdoor climate-controlled environment where snow falls on streets and stays on the ground.

They construction firm will use a German –designed climate control system that uses a network of underground cooling pipes which prevents the falling snows from melting immediately – and this same system will also recycle the melt water to create new snow, and this will continue in a cycle that will be a delight to experience.

Considering the fact that Dubai experiences a summer heat and temperature of 96 degree Fahrenheit on the average, and about 66 degrees in January – many skeptics are cynical of the possibility of this project but the Kleindienst Group insists it is very achievable. They even insist the technology has been in use for several years but yet to be fully implemented in outdoor settings – and that the system uses no more energy than a normal shopping mall climate control system uses.

Considering the wonderland that Dubai has turned to in recent times, one can keep faith with the possibility of this great feat – after, the city has developed artificial islands with a particular island cluster which is called The Heart of Europe set to recreate European locales like Vienna, Rome, Cote d’Azur, Sweden, Andalusia, St. Petersburg, Monaco, Germany, and Switzerland among others.


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