A review of e-cigarettes by the foremost UC San Francisco scientists have found very little substance in claims made by the industry related to these devices that it will help smokers quit smoking. There is no proof that e-cigarettes can help smokers kick off their habit.

The latest review is also the first comprehensive appraisal of the peer reviewed published research into the relatively recent advent of electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes look externally like a common cigarette. There is a metal tube which is shaped much like a common cigarette albeit with a small difference. The entrails if the e-cigarette does not contain tobacco but a small cartridge which is filled with nicotine-laced liquid that is vaporized by a battery-powered heating element. The nicotine vapors are inhaled by the smoker when they draw on the mouthpiece of the device.

The e-cigarettes which earlier were unregulated and this is for the first time an analysis has been effected upon the health and the behavioral aspects of the products by UC San Francisco scientists. It was found that e-cigarette usage is related with considerably lesser odds of quitting cigarettes. The data on the emissions of e-cigarettes are also inadequate and it is not just water vapor as loudly proclaimed and could be a cause of indoor air pollution.

84 research studies done on e-cigarettes by the scientific community have been under the scrutiny. The call for a similar ban on e-cigarettes like the normal cigarettes is increasing.

E-cigarettes are made by many big multinational tobacco companies and the device is being promoted in the media and internet with claims of dubious nature which is not backed by hard facts. The use of e-cigarettes in the younger population of US has increased from 3.3 percent in 2011 to 6.8 percent the following year. In South Korea, use of e-cigarettes has jumped from .5% in 2008 to 9.4% in 2011. It was also found that most of the young persons who use e-cigarettes are dual users. One third of the young people who smoke e-cigarettes had never smoked a conventional cigarette. This points out to the fact that the younger generation is getting addicted to nicotine with e-cigarettes.

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  1. Ray P. G.Yeates

    From Wikipedia: Harm reduction (or harm minimization) is a range of public health policies designed to reduce the harmful consequences associated with various, sometimes illegal, human behaviors. Harm reduction policies are used to manage behaviors such as recreational drug use and sexual activity in numerous settings that range from services through to geographical regions.

    Critics of harm reduction typically believe that tolerating risky or illegal behaviour sends a message to the community that such behaviour’s are acceptable and that some of the actions proposed by proponents of harm reduction do not reduce harm over the long term.

    We believe the 6,000,000 projected yearly deaths (approximately 16,000 per day) worldwide directly related to smoking, demand a fair and unbiased opportunity. For those less likely to quit have such an opportunity – as is freely given to other drug addictions or deviations – found within our social structure. A simple and focused upon implementation for harm reduction is well within our charter of rights and freedoms. We can no longer wait on critics and naysayers while individuals are suffering long painful deaths with no hope in sight while family members witness and endure hopelessly.

    Funding is pouring into ways and means to degrade the potential disease and life saving potential these devices offer. (PV’s – personal vaporizers) vs smoking cigarettes. We must, at minimum, perform studied research rather than dismiss such potential. The research performed and paid for thus far (mainly by smokers and vapers) has shown such potential.
    The benefits overwhelmingly demand closer scrutiny. Why anti-smoking/vaping advocates are spearheading the march against such technology is beyond reason. Not one single case of harm nor death from electronic cigarettes is recorded while millions will die from smoking a legal product –—which funds much of this biased and questionable stand against electronic cigarettes. That is no longer acceptable.

    We the people are the primary stakeholders here. We are not the tobacco industry nor do we represent them. We have been trying to break away from them and we have succeeded with innovative technology….that works. There is no smoking involved. It has been proven and declared by leading scientist and doctors and even Tobacco activist to be by multitudes safer than smoking tobacco cigarette. Where’s the problem? It’s seem to be within a stigmatized ideology of ” quit or die ” mentality now adopted by the WHO. This is NOT acceptable any longer.

    We have been unfairly treated by the same anti-smoke advocates who proclaimed to be fighting the tobacco industry while reaping the monetary gain from smokers via increased taxing of the only consumer product taxed at extreme levels beyond any other consumer product. We claim ” Foul Play” and “Unfair” discrimination. Enough is enough “WHO” We are now announcement our own statements regarding the last scandal exposed in which the WHO was involved. SNUS Remember? Remember it well because we do. You cannot expect to disregard the very people who pay you to protect their health to stand still while you now attempt to remove and restrict their own solution to harm reduction.

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  13. kardiac

    Who funded the UC of SF study. Why doesn’t the writer dig into that fact. The fact is ecigs are a viable substitute to real cigs. Probably the best thing is to not put anything bad for you into your system including cheese cake. But I like nicotine and if I can get my fix without stinking up the joint or my lungs whose business is it? Yes I want the FDA to regulate the product. Who knows what they do in China making these things. I’d hate to think the ACS is behind running people off a beneficial product.

  14. FlamingDogPoop

    More b.s. funded by the corporate interests to keep their market share high while trying to convince the lemings that anything OTHER than the pharmaceutical products are bad. I, like many commenters on here, have stopped smoking with a personal vaping device and find this kind of garbage reporting simply that – garbage!!

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  16. Angus

    I’m sorry, but this is a terrible article. E-cigarettes do need further research, sure, but this recent UCSF study is a hack job designed to generate headlines like this one: breathless scare stories that regulators and tobacco control can point to as they move to restrict a promising anti-smoking tool.

    It stopped being about health a long time ago. Now it’s about control.

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  19. Rilt

    Ask yourself this question:
    Why are most electronic cigarette articles you read today negative? Or at least trying very hard to give them an ambiguous, slightly malignant taint, like this one? (I mean, using “entrails” to describe the inner workings of an electronic device, come ON)
    And then ask this question:
    Why are most comments on said articles overwhelmingly in favor of electronic cigarettes?

    Let’s see if common sense can provide an answer.

    The most obvious answer would be, follow the money.
    Most article writers are getting paid for their work, or compensated in some way. Some write on a volunteer basis, but they are still getting exposure and click-throughs, and traffic, etc etc. So they get “paid” in some way.

    Most comment writers are readers who want to voice an opinion about an article. I do readily admit that there are people who get paid to plant comments in articles as well. However, based on reading thousands of comments in the past few months, I think those are relatively few. When people write, they have a “voice” that comes through in the way the word things, the way they punctuate, the way they use grammar and spelling… You can usually tell who is simply writing what is on their mind, and who is writing something to fulfill a paid agenda. It becomes obvious after a time.

    So, where does all the money seem to be flowing? Into “Anti Electronic Cigarette” propaganda found in articles like this one. And who has the most money these days? Big Pharma or Big Tobacco. Who is most likely to try to bash electronic cigarettes? Take your pick, but I have a feeling that Big Pharma has the biggest stake in this game, and the most to lose.
    Big Tobacco could also be adding confusion to the mix, but their agenda is more cloudy, since they have already seen the writing on the wall, so to speak, concerning conventional cigarettes. Even if electronic cigarettes get regulated into a small niche market, something else will come along to replace it, something possibly better (technology is a gift, and a curse…) And the simple fact that electronic cigarettes are finally becoming successful (don’t ask for a citation, you KNOW it’s true, anecdotal maybe, but true nonetheless) is a sign that nicotine users are tired of killing themselves to get their fix. They KNOW there are other ways, successful ways. Big Tobacco will have to become Big Nicotine, and move on, and their efforts will be pro-electronic cigarettes if anything, if they are smart (call them evil, call them manipulative, but you can never call them dumb)

    But Big Pharma…
    If people stop getting sick, that is the end of the game for them. They can’t make enough money on NRTs and ineffective treatments. So their agenda HAS to be: keep them smoking at all costs. No, I’m not a pessimist. That’s realism, folks…

    PS – I realize government is not innocent in all of this, but when is it ever?

  20. Michael Cleveland

    I have smoked for 26 years. I regularly smoked 1.5 packs per day. I have tried nicotine gum, patches, Zyban, acupuncture, and Chantix. The Chantix had the most potential, but didn’t work for me. I am now tobacco free thanks to e-cigarettes. Foods now have more taste. I can smell better (which is not always a good thing). I have already begun to cut the nicotine levels in my e-cigarettes down, with a plan to work my way down to 0 nicotine and eventually stop using e-cigarettes. You can have all of the studies you want, but I AM PROOF that e-cigarette use can assist in quitting tobacco use. I would still be smoking today if e-cigarettes didn’t exist.

  21. Toni A. Karas

    I have seen so many lies about the electronic devices that have enabled me to quit smoking. I received my first kit over 9 months ago, I quit smoking immediately after 25 years. Cigalikes, the picture you have posted at the top of your “review”, are garbage – there are other devices out there that have worked for thousands upon thousands of people. It seems most reports, reviews, and news articles are outright lies and do not go out and find the REAL truth. I sit here every day and watch the media, the government, and people attack electronic devices without going out and doing a complete research; I am just outright fed up with nonfactual information. Any negative reports, that are untrue, hold back many smokers in converting to a lifestyle that is so much healthier for them. I have been lucky and continue to convert people – even one who “warned” me of the dangers of e-cigs as she was smoking a cigarette. Everyone wants to be on “it’s about the children” kick, it is ridiculous; why are we not focusing on flavored alcohols – like birthday cake for starters? Why is it parents need the government or media to parent OUR children?? It’s a shame that something that has been nothing but positive for thousands of people is under attack. It’s a shame that the only thing that has been successful for many is trying to be taken away and handed back to large tobacco, the ones who have been killing people off every year with their dangerous cigarettes with thousands of poisonous chemicals in them; what will electronic cigarettes become in the hands of the murderers? To the point, get your facts and do an unbiased report, one that will weigh all facts. As a matter of fact, why don’t you reach out to the vapers? We are more than happy to share our stories.

  22. Lisa Ciarlone

    Millions of people are NOT smoke anymore THANKS to Electronic Cigarettes including myself… My question is how much did Big Pharma pay you to write these lies… PHARMA SHILL

  23. sickofliars

    And you call this news? If your going to do a story about the failure of ecigs as an alternative to smoking why not find 1 just 1 vaper for your story…I personally know almost 50 people that haven’t touched tobacco in over 6mo and all have done this using ecig devices…either do your research or find a job that your good at…or maybe your getting paid to lie?

  24. Ike

    If this were a high school research paper, you would have failed miserably. No accountable facts, outdated and unsubstantiated innuendo and an obviously biased opinion. Shame on you for getting a paycheck for this dribble. You are not in a traffic jam, you are the traffic jam.

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  26. Steve

    The latest review of what, exactly? More BS propaganda for the sheep….

    There are THOUSANDS of people who have quit smoking due to electronic cigarettes. I personally know 15-18 people who have, including myself. I tried gum, patches, hypnosis, pills…All with varying degrees of success, but back to the cigs within 4-6 months. I’ve been vaping now for almost 2 years. I feel better, I breathe better, my blood pressure is down..Follow the money trail people…

  27. mmctaq

    Prolly this crap piece is true… looks like they only evaluated the use of cig-alikes. Cig-alikes are really lousy devices, and no one I know uses them. I know a very large number of people who have quit smoking quickly, entirely and effortlessly with the use of a personal vaporizer. I smoked heavily for forty-nine years, and was completely done with cigarettes a couple of days after my electronic cigarette/personal vaporizer arrived in the mail. I, one of the FDA’s “anecdotes,” am one of countless others with similar stories. If someone wants to design and run a study, study WHAT WE ARE ACTUALLY DOING/USING. Shame on those who would promote this crap as valid data.

  28. tisconie

    100% of my household members quit smoking after starting vaping. 50% started vaping to quit and the rest quit almost be accident. Why don’t you talk to smokers who have and have not vaped?

  29. Steve Smith

    How can you print biased unscientific crap like this. If you want to live in a bubble of sterility, then buy one. Smoke your pot and let us enjoy our herb.


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