Sony corp. this Tuesday took the center stage at E3 and unveiled some of the exciting titles for its undeniably popular console — Playstation 4. Along with some other exciting announcements, Sony unveiled almost seven titles, including Far Cry 4 and Grand Theft Auto V, at the Electronic Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Starting off with first title, Sony unveiled the title ‘Destiny’, a sc-fi shooter game. The title is expected to land on the console by the end of September, but Sony is throwing away the beta version of it on 17th July this year.  Next in the line was the “The Order 1886”, a horror third person shooting game.

Right after that horror game, Sony took the soft corner and introduced another title called,  “LittleBigPlanet 3″. The game allows a player to create their own level, clear them and also play levels created by other players.

Next in the line was the Far Cry 4 gameplay. The ground breaking upgrades in the title were clearly enough to ‘wow’ all of the E3 attendees. Undeniably, the game was packed with great graphics and gameplay. However, in addition to it, Sony said a player can also invite friends without them owning the game.

Wrapping up for the new titles, Sony then moved on and announced that the PlayStation TV, after a huge success in Japan, is now coming to Europe and US. PlayStation TV is a small device capable of streaming the gameplay of the title being played on the Sony’s console.

However, the conference didn’t end up with that only, Sony announced another version of a blockbuster title. Gathering the attention of almost every E3 attendee, the company then introduced the Grand Theft Auto V with a gameplay. It then was also followed by a gameplay of the Batman:Arkham Knight and a teaser of  Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.


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