Who wouldn’t want to make some quick cash? And if someone told you that you could earn up to $13,000 a year by selling your poop, wouldn’t it be simply awesome? A non-profit organization called OpenBiome has been developing biotechnology fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) for patients with C. difficile bacteria since the last few months.

Though it sounds quite gross, the organization has actually been collecting, processing and shipping loads of poop all over the country in a frozen form where it is administered to patients suffering from infections caused by a bacteria named as C. difficile.

Don’t rub your eyes in disbelief- you read it right!!

The company has actually been sending poop to people suffering from a chronic infection in the form of capsules.

The aforementioned bacteria can cause extreme gastrointestinal distress in the form of diarrhea, chronic and acute abdominal pain, dehydration and damage to the lining of the gut. Though the infection can be treated with the help of antibiotics initially, in some cases the bacteria gets strong as soon as patients stop treatment. The process leads to regular course of antibiotics.

To help people suffering from this infection, OpenBiome suggests “the transplantation of fecal matter from a healthy individual to help restore the balance of bacteria in the gut, increase the production of good bacteria, and eventually eliminate the source of infection, which has a high success rate during the clinical trial.”

Well, if you can donate blood, sperms and eggs- why not poop?

So, the company ships these poop capsules all around the country to help the people infected with C. difficile bacteria. The next hurdle- to get poop!

To get more poop, they are encouraging contributions and for that they are offering good money to those who are coming forward. Now how much is good money?

The company pays every poop donor a very enviable $40 per sample. Not only that, if you are a regular donor, you could earn a bonus too- those donating for five days every week will be entitled to receive an additional $50 as bonus. This means that within a week of pooping, you can get around $250 or $13,000 in just a year!

But it is not as easy as it sounds- the company has strict guidelines which they are very rigid about. In fact, they are so meticulous in their screening process that only a handful out of a thousand poop samples can be used.

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