Earth’s Magnetic North Pole has been shifting and this fact has been known to scientists for quite some time now. The Magnetic North Pole is not located on the geographic North Pole, located on an axis around which the planet has been revolving for eons. The Magnetic North Pole has been wandering across the Arctic Ocean towards Siberia and there are “SWARM”  satellites which are monitoring the planet’s shifting magnetic field for a long time.

The European SWARM mission involves three 9-meter satellites orbiting the planet at altitudes of 300-530 km (186-330 miles) to monitor the dynamic magnetic field and also record any changes over a period of four years.

The data obtained from the Swarm satellites will help researchers get a better understanding of intricacies of the Earth’s magnetic fields. The data will help researchers to learn how the Earth’s magnetic field is affected by Solar Activity and also why large parts are getting weakened.

The Earth’s magnetic field is the security armor without which life would have been wiped out eons ago. The magnetic field of Earth has protected mankind from intense radiation from the Sun and other sources in deep space. It is very important to know exactly what makes this work.

The data which was received from the Swarm has revealed that there are weakening areas within the core-generated magnetic field spread across the western hemisphere. Some parts of the southern Indian Ocean show intensification of magnetic fields. It also confirms the fact that the Magnetic North pole is shifting towards Russia.

Rune Floberghagen, ESA’s Swarm Mission Manager said, “These initial results demonstrate the excellent performance of Swarm. With unprecedented resolution, the data also exhibit Swarm’s capability to map fine-scale features of the magnetic field.”

It is a known fact that Earth’s magnetic poles periodically reverse and the process is completed in thousands of years with the field undergoing changes which are unpredictable. However the magnetic field remains protective during these periods of changes.

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  1. VINERI_13

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  2. zulu leppard

    And the angle between the geographic NP and the magnetic NP postures human consciousness.


    And this affects the Earth’s precession through the Cosmos. Sometimes giving us different “North Stars”.

    • Poop Smith

      that has nothing to do with the magnetic field, that’s due to rotation of the planet about it’s axial tilt.

      • Maxfield Q Norse

        You describe the geographic north pole, which is seperate from the magnetic north pole. Geographinc NP stays in one place but wobbles in orientation in space.
        Magnetic north pole is independent of spin axis and wanders.

      • Poop Smith

        uh yeah? I was pointing out that’s what the original poster was confusing with the magnetic north pole. The current “north star” is based on the geographic north pole, which does change where it “points”, albiet slowly.


    And this affects the Earth’s precession through the Cosmos. Sometimes giving us different “North Stars”.


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