A new study published in the magazine Appetite has indicated that eating alongside overweight people induces you to eat more than is necessary for you, thereby negatively affecting your weight loss plans. The latest study was conducted at the University of Cornell, and led by Mitsuru Shimizu, and it suggests that eating together with overweight people induces you to eat more unhealthy food, thereby making you gain more weight yourself.

This might be connected to the idea that overweight people tend to overeat, and they consume more of unhealthy food than is necessary for them; and watching them eat while you also eat yourself might make you to eat more than is good for you.

The researchers explored the idea that the eating at the restaurant where an overweight person is presently eating his junk food would likely induce you to also order for junk food yourself, and eating near an overweight individual would likely cause you to over-indulge yourself in unhealthy foods.

In order to avoid impulsive eating in the presence of overweight people, it is advised that you gauge your level of hunger before turning in to the restaurant to eat, and you must also plan your meal according to your level of hunger. It is therefore suggested that you pre-commit to a meal choice before entering into a restaurant so that you wouldn’t be overwhelmed by what you see other people eating.

5 Responses

  1. Steve

    Funny…when I see a fat person gorging down on food, I tend to eat less because I don’t want to end up fat.

  2. Cosmic Puppet

    Moral of the story, don’t be friends with fat people. Shun them, ostracize them, make them know that no one wants or loves them. Sure genetics plays a strong role in obesity, but facts don’t matter to us. Fat people need to be alone and humiliated.

  3. Isabelle Ziegler

    Agreed Jane Doe. What a stupid waste of money for a study when all they had to do was take a trip to Wal-Mart or an endless buffet and look at the fat couples.

  4. Jane Doe

    mind numbing stupidity served up as research…..I think reading this made my IQ go down so I conclude that reading BS is dangerous to my intelligence


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