Calling for a collective response to eradicate Ebola disease and restore normalcy in affected African regions, the 15 members council – United Nations Security Council passed a resolution unanimously to combat disease.  The UN Security Council emergency meeting on Ebola outbreak, at the UN headquarters in New York, on Sept. 18, 2014 saw the constitution of body called United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response or UNMEER that along with World Health Organization (WHO) will help combat the disease.

The virus spreads through mucous and other body fluids of the infected persons such as stool, urine, saliva and semen. The epidemic outbreak has infected 5335 and killed 2622, according to the World Health Organisation figures. The outbreak is believed to be very difficult to control at present.

The WHO drew flak from many quarters for failing to respond to Ebola immediately. The agency waited for long to declare a global health emergency and that too only after the group of doctors warned that the outbreak was out of control and ‘a threat to international peace and security’.

The Security Council meanwhile, has urged countries to extend support by providing health personnel and supplies and lift travel, border restrictions to maintain trade-transport links with Ebola-affected nations like Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.

The gravity and scale of the situation now requires a level of international action unprecedented for a health emergency” said, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon during UNSC emergency meet. He further added, the number of cases are doubling every three weeks. There will soon be more cases in Liberia alone than the four decade history of the disease.

The Ebola outbreak was first confirmed in Guinea on March 22 and soon spread to bordering neighbors Liberia and Sierra Leone. If not combated earlier, the size and spread of the epidemic could soon reach to an unprecedented level.

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