ATLANTA – Dr. Kent Brantly, an American doctor who got infected with the deadly Ebola virus while treating Ebola victims in Sierra Leone has been scheduled to be discharged from Emory University Hospital, Atlanta, after being cured of his Ebola disease. Dr. Brantly had been given an experimental drug to stabilize him before being flown out of Sierra Leone and then kept under observation in an isolation unit at the American hospital.

The U.S. doctor was a foreign worker for Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian aid organization, when he suddenly came down with the deadly Ebola virus. But for the quick intervention of the US government who provided a special plane equipped with an isolation unit to evacuate him after injecting him with an experimental drug. He had since then been under treatment in Atlanta before his discharge scheduled for today.

Dr. Brantly is expected to make a statement in a conference after his discharge today. Brantly was not the only American doctor infected with Ebola while treating patients in Sierra Leone, another medical nurse, Nancy Writebol, was also infected and evacuated to the US after being administered with the experimental drug. She is also expected to be discharged anytime from the hospital after getting so well.

The president of Samaritan’s Purse, Franklin Graham is full of appreciation to the government and to the management of Emory University Hospital. He also admires “Dr. Brantly’s courageous spirit as he has fought this horrible virus”, and looks forward to a time when Ebola would be a thing of the past. This deadly virus is an epidemic in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and a few isolated cases has been reported in Lagos, Nigeria, after Patrick Sawyer, a Liberian national died in Nigeria.

This deadly virus has drawn the attention of world governments after it has killed an estimated 1,500 people in West Africa.

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