The chief medical officer of Geneva canton (state), Jacques-Andre Romand, has confirmed that a Cuban doctor who contracted the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone while reaching out to help a falling Ebola patient has been cured of the disease at the Geneva University Hospital and allowed to return home to join with his family and friends.

According to Romand, “the total recovery of the patient, confirmed by thorough laboratory tests, now allows him to leave the country and travel with no risk of contagion.”

The patient, Felix Baez Sarria started showing symptoms for the disease on November 16 and was flown into Switzerland on November 20 where he was placed on admission at the Geneva University Hospital.

Infected Dr. Sarria was discharged from the hospital on Saturday and allowed to travel back home without any fears of communicating the disease to others after thorough lab testsa confirmed he was now cured of the contagious disease.

Sarria was part of the 165 Cuban medical personnel dispatched to Sierra Leone to combat the Ebola virus and disease. His case brings to a significant rate the number of infected medical doctors cured of the disease in Europe.

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