The deadly Ebola virus has killed more people in the West African country of Liberia than in any other affected countries, according to the latest WHO report. The international health organization also said that there are more Ebola infection cases in Sierra Leone than Liberia, but Ebola death cases there are the second-highest. The WHO report succeeds to paint a picture of a world in struggles to contain the spread of Ebola virus, which has also killed a person in the U.S. and other infection cases reported in Europe.

More infections in Sierra Leone

Ebola has so far claimed the lives of 3,530 people in Liberia, out of 8,331 cases. At least 3,062 people have died of Ebola in Sierra Leone, where 10,124 Ebola virus cases have been recorded. The devastation of Ebola in West Africa did not end with the two countries, some 1,814 people died of the virus in Guinea out of 2,608 confirmed cases.

Nigeria was also impacted by the worst Ebola outbreak in history as eight deaths have resulted out of confirmed 20 cases of the virus. In Mali, eight infection cases were confirmed out of which six deaths resulted. Senegal was spared Ebola deaths as the company has not seen any deaths, but one case has been confirmed there.

Ebola in Europe

Outside Africa, Ebola cases were also reported in America and Europe. In the U.S., four cases were confirmed with one death. In Europe, Spain and the U.K. reported a case each without death.

Challenges in controlling the virus

Worldwide, Ebola has succeeded to claim 8,429 lives and has sickened 21,296 people. WHO noted that the affected countries had the capacity to isolate and even treat patients. However, given that the geographical distribution of cases was uneven, there were challenges in isolating the victims. Additionally, underreporting of the cases also hurt the efforts to control the spread of Ebola in the hard-hit countries.

Efforts are still being made to develop treatments and vaccines for Ebola to save lives and protect those who have not already caught the virus. Several drug companies are developing drugs to battle Ebola virus.

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