The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has reached alarming proportions and the WHO has hinted that drastic action needs to be done to control the epidemic. More than 600 cases have been reported since March. ‘WHO’ has deputed a team to assist local authorities to fight the epidemic. In the past Ebola virus outbreaks have happened in remote areas but this time it is different. WHO will also meet next week to chalk out a strategy to contain the epidemic.

The ground situation is very serious as per the relief workers who are battling the infection. According to Bart Janssens, director of operations for Doctors without Borders, the situation is very serious. More than 600 cases and 390 deaths in Guinea , Sierra Leone and Liberia as per latest figures provided by WHO.

Lack of education has also led to the complication of matters. WHO has reported that people have been throwing stones at health care workers trying to investigate the outbreak. Poor medical infrastructure along with a deep sense of mistrust is complicating the matter.

Ebola outbreaks usually happen in remote areas and this made the control of the epidemic much easier. However this time the outbreak has broken in 60 locations in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

The widespread outbreak has been blamed partly on the close proximity of the jungles where the deadly disease was first identified and the cities like Conakry. The capital in Guinea has a population of 2 million and an international airport.

Ebola has a very high mortality rate. The symptoms include headache, fever, and fatigue. Worse follows when the virus negates the ability of the blood to clot leading to extensive incidences of hemorrhage. Most patients die within 10 days.

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