Dr. Kent Brantly, who contracted while working with Samaritan’s Purse in Liberia but was later treated and cured of the disease in Atlanta has donated his blood serum the second time in two months to treat Ebola patient, Ashoka Mukpo. Brantly had in September donated his blood plasma to help cure another American doctor, Rick Sacra, who had also contracted EVD in Africa.

Ashoka Mukpo was a freelance cameraman in Liberia before being diagnosed with the deadly Ebola virus and then flown back home to Nebraska, and in a bid to speed up his recovery from the disease, the management of the Nebraska Medical Center where he is currently in isolation and where Dr. Rick Sacra had also been treated has called upon Kent Brantly to help again.

In amazing stroke of luck, Angela Hewett of the Nebraska Medical Center had called upon Brantly who happened to be driving through Kansas City on his way to speak at the Abilene Christian University, his alma mater, in Texas. Brantly had promptly stopped by in Kansas City to donate his blood for the use of Mukpo, and this donated blood was flown out to Omaha.

And funnily for Ashoka Mukpo and the medical team treating him, Brantly’s blood type matched that of Mukpo as it matched that of Sacra, and according to Hewett, “it’s not a likely scenario that he would again have the same blood type. We are incredibly grateful that Dr. Brantly would take the time to do this, not once, but twice.” And Mukpo’s father, Mitchell Levy, has been full of appreciation for Brantly’s “kindness and generosity” and this actually “makes me believe in the goodness of humanity.”

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