Many Ebola vaccine candidates have risen up to the challenges of manufacturing an efficient and effective Ebola vaccine for use in West Africa and in other parts of the world, but they are currently divided between administering single dose vaccines or giving double dose vaccines over a period of weeks.

A single shot of Ebola vaccine shouldn’t be difficult to administer to large numbers of people, but a double shot will require that a single shot be given now and then another shot given after a number of weeks. Administering a single dose of Ebola vaccine injection is much easier and cheaper when one considers the West African countries that await the medical intervention, but two doses given weeks apart provides more protection against the deadly disease.

Considering the fact that West African countries of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone are worse hit this year with about 6,000 Ebola deaths, time is of the essence when vaccines are ready and available, and the cheaper the cost of vaccinating each person in each country the better chances others have for proper vaccination; but two doses given weeks apart may not afford the necessary time desired as well as the cost-effectiveness required to make the operation a success across several countries.

“There is now more and more talk about what can we do to prolong vaccine protection,” says the head of Ebola research at GlaxoSmithKline, Ripley Ballou.

GSK is one of the Ebola vaccine candidates, and Ballou believes that two doses administered weeks apart is better for protection because the first dose will have boosted the immune system to fight for itself while the second dose given weeks after will secure the efficiency of the first dose.

GSK plans to hold trials into the effectiveness of its Ebola vaccine with 30,000 people in Liberia, and even though single dose shots will be administered, control shots will also be administered from NewLink and Merck, while a placebo has also been factored into the whole vaccination test program.

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